‘Women should be seen and not heard’
kitchen is her place
smelling smoke
and yet remain unbroke
her next place is the bed,
to assuage her aches.
and where apologies are made.
In all, she has to strike balance
true,kitchen is her place
the bed,too is her place
no one will say it but her ideal place
‘ the world.’

Doting mother
beautified with drawings on her tummy
in those dresses she just look funny
strictness partnered with affection
at times nearly sinks to depression
develops means to escape the prison
she creates, she builds,she doctors.
depends on the button

Submission it is, who refutes?
subjection it’s not.
helper she is,who disputes?
slave she’s not.
seen is not enough
tender can switch to rough
meekness in joint with wisdom.
she’s round,she’s slim,her space of freedom.

Seen her nursing, heard her vying
seen her trekking, seen her driving
seen her following, heard her leading
she can be whatever she want
She’s seen,she’s heard,her impact felt.


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