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“Ultimately, beauty is subjective – Byredo Makeup had to reflect that.” — Ben Gorham, Creative Director & Founder

“I wanted to create a sense of freedom in the way we approach using Makeup but also in the way we communicate the products.” Isamaya Ffrench, Makeup Artist & Collaborator

Five core products for eyes, lips and cheeks.

Now online at Byredo, 10/7 other retailers, pre-orders now at Saks

Editor’s note: Reader Kira brought it to my and readers’ attention that the name “Tokio Rose” is problematic. She was kind enough to expand on the history and why it is an issue here. There is a general overview on Wikipedia, too, which was helpful in learning about this term. From reader Kira:

In our American history textbooks in high school, we learned about American wartime propaganda and how Tokyo Rose became a derogatory icon in the American imagination. When I studied East Asian studies in school, it was interesting to learn how the interactions between US soldiers and Japanese after the treaty was signed really shaped a lot of modern stereotypes and prejudices that persist to today — like the interactions between soldiers and sex workers, and how that completely twisted the meaning of the word “geisha” (who are not sex workers, just performers/old-timey party hostesses!), and contributed to the sexualization of Asian women (often this is what people are getting at when they complain that Asian cultures are being exoticized).

Products in the Launch

Lipstick, $42.00 (New, Permanent)

Sumptuous levels of colour saturation, ultra-gliding and easeful application. The lipstick is either satin or matte, dependent on the shade. A satin finish to reflect the light and expand colour – with a vegan formula. A matte finish to absorb light and intensify the colour. In its silver-gold bi-colour metal casing, the form of BYREDO LIPSTICK echoes bamboo – weight and precision are utilised to feel good in the hand. The slim-line stick contained within is sealed with a satisfying magnetic click.

  • La Flamme Striking orange with a touch of black (Matte)
  • Red Armchair Iconic red (Matte)
  • Commuter Natural pink nude (Satin)
  • Dancehall Queen Rich and dark pink (Satin)
  • Divorce Orange-red (Satin)
  • Earth Dust Pale nude with yellow undertone (Satin)
  • Tokio Rose Warm vivid pink (Matte)
  • Reunion Orange-brown (Matte)
  • Red & Blue Red with blue undertones (Satin)
  • China Plum Intense purple (Matte)
  • Semi Formal Shocking pink (Satin)
  • Lascaux Deep and dark burgundy (Matte)
  • Solid Ground Pink-nude with earthy tones (Matte)
  • Worship Her Warm modern brown (Matte)
  • Subtropical Vivid cold coral (Satin)

Colour Stick, $30.00 (New, Permanent)

The universal product. A multi-use stick to be used all over the face. Buildable coverage that is easy to apply and combine with other BYREDO COLOUR STICKS to contrast or enhance. Housed in silver metal, the slim stick with curved bullet tip is designed to be used easily, quickly and instinctively while eschewing ultra-perfection; the intense colour is blendable with fingers or brush. The Colour Stick comes in finishes aligned to corresponding shades, encompassing lightweight dewy, matte and creamy textures suitable for cheeks, eyes and lips.

  • Flower Play Transparent, delicate pink
  • Great Sands Nude-brown with shimmers
  • Babi Gentle coral
  • Chin of Gold Gold glitter
  • Kumato Soft metallic khaki green
  • Ancient Shimmery warm dark brown
  • Mesolithic Slightly metallic pink-plum
  • Vienna Very transparent gold
  • Ultramagnetic Glittery purple-blue with iridescent reflects
  • La Scene Metallic bronze
  • Destroyer Dramatic black
  • Sauce Ultra-glittery vivid orange
  • Sick Pink Deep pink
  • Purple Stinger Transparent blue-purple
  • Kinda Blue Glittery deep ocean blue
  • Medium Blue Metallic and intense aqua blue

Eyeliner, $40.00 (New, Permanent)

Perfect intensity in a single stroke with a high-precision applicator. Smudge and transfer proof with humidity resistance, 99.2% ingredients of natural origin. Vegan formula. Whether bold or fine lines, they stay true for twelve hours. The eyeliner is housed in a distinct green container, inspired by nature yet abstracted and futuristic in feel.

Mascara, $45.00 (New, Permanent)

Defining and buildable to enhance and sculpt the lashes from the root. 85% ingredients of natural origin. In its striking, curved red container; abstract, totemic, and ergonomic the BYREDO MASCARA is as much a treasured object as a beauty tool. Its short, precision silicone brush can be used to reach lashes individually, enhancing and sculpting to apply mascara quickly and easily.

Lip Balm, (New, Permanent)

Clean and conditioning: a sumptuous formulation for performance and kindness. 99.8% natural, ultra hydrating formula, smooth and gliding. One single coat is enough for hours of comfort. In its distinct curvilinear, anthracite metal casing – echoing the lipstick – weight and precision are utilised to feel good in the hand. The slim-line stick contained within is sealed with a satisfying magnetic click.

Syren Eyeshadow 5 Colours, $TBA (New, Permanent)

  • Victory Metallic silver-gold
  • Charybdis Metallic ultra-violet
  • Scylla Metallic neon-chartreuse
  • Melody Light pink with glitter
  • Odyssey Metallic denim blue

Corporate Colours Eyeshadow 5 Colours, $TBA (New, Permanent)

  • Letterhead Pearly luminous light ivory
  • Eraser Pearly fresh rosy beige
  • Pushpin Warm matte red clay
  • Manila Shimmery dark khaki
  • Stylo Shimmery dark brown

Sciomancer Eyeshadow 5 Colours, $TBA

  • Ginger Hussy Iridescent metallic orange
  • Electric Love Metallic electric purple
  • Blue Marionette Vibrant sparkling blue
  • Karma Metallic deep green
  • Silver Gutter Top coat, black and silver glitter



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