These coupons are for discounts given by the store. You’ll usually see a percentage discount on store coupons. You can use store coupons only at that store, but some stores will accept coupons from their competitors (Publix, Fred Meyer, Frye’s, Walmart and Target are a few). All kinds of stores offer store coupons, from clothing to groceries to home improvement and more. Store coupons are easier to use for online shopping as well. 

Where can I get store coupons? 

  • From store advertisements
  • From websites like Rakuten as coupon codes. Download the Rakuten Browser Extension or App to get Cash Back and apply all eligible coupons with one click. 
  • Through the store’s app that you are shopping at (Target Circle, for example)

💡 Pro tip: Store coupons and manufacturer coupons usually can be “stacked” meaning, you can use both coupons on the same item for double the savings.


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