Where do we begin… I think that most retailers did a poor job at showcasing colors and shades, but before the ability to go to stores and swatch had hidden that.

I agree that photos are a big issues. Most websites showcase generic picture of shades and highly edited pictures. I would love to see more pictures, with looks on different complexions. To this day I don’t understand why a blog like Temptalia, which is one person, has better pictures and description than retailers websites who should have an army of employees. OK, maybe it’s harder for Sephora, who holds many brands. But actual brand sites, like MAC, could do a better job.

Regarding description, I don’t only want more details, but also more honesty and more standardization of description. Color (including shifts and undertone), opacity, finish, longevity are a minimum requirement.

Also, the reviewing system needs to be improved, encourage users to be more detailed, give more filters and options to categorize products during reviews. And off course, have a system that curates reviews, putting focus on good quality reviewers, trimming down fake reviews and useless short reviews like “hate it” or “best product ever”.



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