Before the devil unleashed his agents 10 years ago, being Kenyan was okay then. Right now all you can hope is for Jesus to come back soon. Here are 3 things that make it sad to be a Kenyan.

  1. You are surrounded by idiots and humans with ‘selective amnesia.’ Before going all crazy about referring to your neighbors about being idiots, just sit and think. The ‘hustler nation’ is out there preaching about how they went up from hustling. Yet, it is out there in the open about how many scandals each and every one of them has been involved in. They cruise in benzes, Range rovers and own private jets. Hustlers my ass. I’d say it is better on any sides but who are we kidding? Now, this is where stupidity that makes the entire country suffer comes in. You decide because one of you isn’t either your tribe or does not support one of thieves and hooligans you are supporting, you gonna fight them. Lemme laugh.. A sad sad sad laugh. You are fighting your own. Someone who knows the struggles and the pains of being at the normal citizen level for someone whose kids don’t study in the country, whose kids take holidays in Australia which both you and your neighbor only see on maps? Well, i won’t say a thing. About how easily we forget.. 2007. People killed each other for who? Look back and see the guys you were fighting over. They are munching away the country in big spoons.. What about you? Are you able to feed your poor family after COVID? How are hospitals treating you especially if you haven’t paid for your NHIF? You fool.. Keep fighting for a ‘hustler nation’. ‘Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.”
  2. You watch injustice prevail and can do nothing about it. I’d say this is the saddest part about being Kenyan but oh please.. It gets worse. You will watch people spend days in the courts seeking justice but they will never find it. a minor was defiled? Bribe your way out. A dj was shot, oh.. How about bribing your way out? The most recent case is about a lawyer who raped (defiled) a minor yesterday, and today he is free.. If you don’t want to die young in this nation, be deaf and blind. If you can, get lots of money. It is sad that such people get away with these things but it is even sadder that they have people who come to help them either raise the money or post bail.. Imagine if a rapist was arrested and his phone taken away, with nobody on his beck and call, he’d stay in there until end of times.. but who am i kidding? Our brothers can’t hurt a fly..right?
  3. You will watch the national debt rise, watch it being misused and getting, and can do absolutely nothing about. According to Kenyan wall street, ‘Kenya’s total Public Debt rose to KSh 6.6 Trillion at the end of May this year compared to KSh 6.4 Trillion in April 2020 and KSh 6 Trillion in February this year.’ I think bybnow we ar e already at 7 trillion. Are there any plans to start paying ? Oh no no… Just lost fund on this and lost funds on that.. Our kids already owe China more than they can imagine. What do we do? Our guy is in public relations. So whatever he tells them to get a loan, we will never know. All we need to know is that we will never see where the money went to, but we will pay through our noses. ‘When you get in debt you become a slave.”Andrew Jackson. Don’t be too happy.. You aren’t as free as you think.. Neither are your kids .. Neither are their kids..

Now, don’t feel too bad about this.. Just imagine Zambian members of parliament came to Kenya to learn about how to do away with corruption…

The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places.”


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