Recently, i was busy minding my business when I heard someone comment on how it is not right to think that you might die during child birth. The argument was ‘As a man thinketh..’ My mouth went ‘what the hell!’ before my brain could stop it..

The truth of the matter is, you might actually die.. Whether you think about it or you don’t, there remains a chance in there… It is never a guaranteed deal.. This actually led to an argument, ‘Do you think every mother who dies during childbirth usually have pre-meditated death?’ Oh no…

We always love to think of ourselves and our loved ones as immortal. We don’t like to think that we will die of anything else rather than of very old age.. We cling on people we see fading from our sight in hospital beds and be very bitter when they die.. I am not encouraging you to not care but, it is a wise man’s thing to know that death is right here with us. There is only a very thin line between life and death.. All it needs to snap is something so little. It is time we accept that we all gonna die.. How? I don’t know. Some of us are going to die old, others young, others before birth.. Some deaths will be painful, others abrupt, others we will close our eyes in pain.. Truth is, we gonna die somehow.

Muhammad Ali once said “Live everyday as if it were your last because someday you’re going to be right.” He must have observed and realized as easily as you are alive, so can you be dead…
Most people will hate this school of thoughts and say ‘remain positive’ but even positivity isn’t going to wade death away.. Once in a while sit and reflect if you are happy or treating people right, or being yourself.. because you might not have as much time to live as you think.. The bitter pill is; death is right here with us.. Keep safe.. Don’t find death though, it is gonna find you.. lol

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. Kahlil Gibran


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