I’d love to say that I am a great multi-tasker. As I watch news, my hands are busy scrolling down my Facebook timeline. The amusing and somehow insulting comments on one of the nominated senator’s video are what I am going through. She is busy shaking her ass in the video that got a caption about Jerusalema or something. She might not be a woman rep but she is a nominated senator. I guess her nomination had something to do with the two third gender rule. She is there to represent women i guess.. The caption on her twitter handle reads ‘passion for youth, children and women.’ Before you say or think i have issues with women dancing however they please, let me explain my disappointment on this particular day.

As she is busy twerking, Citizen TV reporters are onto a story about a man who defiled a 3 year old boy and 4 day infant. You read that right. As they interview the hospital management, it is reported that currently 65% of the sexually abused brought into the hospital are children. Not, grown women, not grown men, but children.

Blame me for expecting something of the women in power who can easily use their social media platforms or their statuses to advocate for better behavior and also push for justice for such kids. My disappointment pushes me to look up the role of women representatives in Kenya apart from making it obvious that there are more skirts in parliament and this is what i find ;

The Parliament budgets for Affirmative Action Social Development Fund for the Women Representatives. Ventures catered for by this fund include: helping the recuperation of sex and sex based brutality survivors”.

I am a firm believer that the healing process starts with finding justice for the victims on if not at least following up on these cases. The rate at which child abuse and molestation has gone up in Kenya would only mean that nothing much is being done. Paedophiles are comfortable enough to show their colors even on social media when our women reps are doing God knows what which i think is absolutely nothing..
Think of me as old fashioned, someone who dares joke about molesting a child in whatever capacity shouldn’t be out free. He/she should either be with the dead or behind bars.. I dunno why ‘with the dead sounds like such an amazing option’.

It’s amusing how our women reps will go out to defend the first first lady of the country, who got all capacity and power to defend herself (don’t get me wrong, i don’t support a man who looks grown up to insult anyone) but don’t say a word when the ones they were sent to look out for suffer. Shouldn’t they be as vocal as they were then?

With the Women Reps in this country, it is only wise to listen to Alexander Pope’s advice; ‘Blessed is he who expects nothing for he shall never be disappointed.

I’d say before the government (which is also disappointing) allocates funds to these ‘honorable women’, should educate them on what their roles are. What is their use if the more they are, the more cases there is of what they are supposed to be fighting?


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