Normally i would make a list of the things that a woman should do to avoid being sexually harassed like don’t walk in dark places, dress appropriately etc… But does that change anything? Probably.

One thing that people need to understand is that the victim has no contribution whatsoever. It is the perpetrator that is to blame 100%. Just like one is unlucky to get robbed, so is a woman unlucky to get sexually harassed. If we tell women not to dress in a certain manner so as to avoid harassment, i think we should also tell people with cars not to drive so as not to get robbed.

As one avoids areas notorious with thieves, maybe a woman could avoid areas that are not safe.. That would probably make minimal difference… You wonder why? Babies have been raped, dads have molested their daughters who they should have been protecting.. women have been raped by their husbands.. Sexual molestation is everywhere you go. The only way that it can be prevented or reduced is dealing with those that castigate it instead of blaming the victims.. Worse still dealing with those try to cover it up. Being a woman in today’s society is already hard enough.. We are trying to nurture our families as per the traditions and also provide for them as the modern society demands.. Don’t add on to the shit we are going through..

Is this what growing into an adult woman is—having to predict and accordingly arrange for the avoidance of sexual harassment?”
― Candice Carty-Williams


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